As forward-thinking Melburnians, it is understandable that you envisage a bright new kitchen being modern, functional and open for entertaining family and friends. Our renovated kitchens often become one of the most utilised spaces in the family home. Before deciding to renovate however, there are many things to consider, from the costs of the project to your timeline and lifestyle. To assist you in keeping your focus. We have listed 5 of the most important things to consider before renovating your kitchen.

1. Budget

As far as renovations go, kitchens are one of the more expensive rooms to renovate. When considering the myriad labourers, and of course materials, costs can easily bloat. It is important to find a trusted builder who provides accurate advice and estimates of costs. An experienced builder will be fully aware of the labour required and the various tradespersons needed for the scale of the project. Start by being completely honest with what you need and what you can afford to prevent future problems and unforeseen renovating costs…

2. Timeframe

It is important to set a realistic timeframe. At BJC Homes we provide accurate timeframe estimates as will any reputable builder; it is in your best interest to allow some extra time as hurdles may arise. Whilst delays aren’t usually too long, we advise you do not invite the family to a dinner party until the job is completed.

3. Lifestyle

Consider how you want your kitchen to function? Do you prefer lots of natural light? Will you be using your kitchen for entertaining? How can you best utilise your space? Do you expect a larger family; does this effect fridge and oven size requirements? We advise you to consider these points and discuss them with your builder before starting your kitchen renovation.

4. Appliances

Simply put, we advise you to get the best appliances you can afford. If you are considering built in appliances, it is important to note that these must be planned for beforehand. If coffee makers, wine fridges, steam ovens or bluetooth integration tickle the fancy of your envisaged entertainment space, you’ll want to consider incorporating these items into your plan from the beginning.

5. Recycling

Young homeowners and people less fortunate can make good use of cupboards, sinks and white goods/appliances. Consider, before throwing anything away, or paying waste costs, ways you can help the environment and those in need by recycling your kitchen.

Websites for recycling kitchen goods: